You’re Gonna Be Great

2014, Digital HD, Color, 23 min.
You’re Gonna Be Great centers on two townies whose identities are formed by their familiarity with each other. The script was drawn from a compilation of hometown stories, the kinds that are retold over and over enough that they’ve lost their meaning.

Written and Directed by Joseph Barglowski
Starring Philip Steiger and Ford Bostwick
Produced by Joseph Barglowski and Philip Steiger
Cinematography by William Hart
Featuring Ann Gulian, Kathryn Isaac, Bob Hamilton,
Debra Walsh, Melissa Feder, Mushtaq Kham,
Giselle Geno, Lauren Kiesler, Mike Moates,
Chace MacDermott,
and Brian Hanshaw
Sound Recordist Samira Tazari
Set Dresser Kathryn Isaac
Production Manager Noah Friedman
Assistant Camera Mike Moates
Sound Mix by Andrew Sudol of Hobin Studios