2023, 16mm, Color, 20 min.
Desires shift after a trip to the mountains. Back in the city, a man contemplates an unseen landscape and explores alternative paths. Filmed in New York on 16mm by Robert Orlowski, the film meditates on city scenes to a piano and flute score composed by Cody Boyce. Vermont stars Ryan McDermott in his acting debut and features a number of other non-actors to make up an ensemble cast of mostly queer men. The film will have its world premiere at IndieLisboa in May 2024. Learn more here.

Written and Directed by Joseph Barglowski
Introducing Ryan McDermott
Featuring Marty Williams and Chris Bank
Produced by Joseph Barglowski and Kati Rehbeck
Cinematography by Robert Orlowski
Original Music by Cody Boyce
Title Design by Daniel Calderwood
Gaffer Zane Shaffer
Location Sound Robyn Huey and Maxwell di Paolo
Sound Mix by Noah Chevan
Telecine by Negativeland